Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Leeds Group Performs Marketing and Business Development Services for Biolargo, Inc.

For Immediate Release / April 15, 2010

Newport Beach, Calif. -- The Leeds Group announced today that it has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with BioLargo, Inc. to provide marketing and business development services to advance BioLargo’s commercial efforts both domestically and internationally.

“We are very excited to be working with BioLargo and their entire team," says Leeds Group CEO Trevor Leeds. "Their award-winning, platform iodine technologies are game changing for many industries."

“The Leeds Group will be focused on advancing the BioLargo technology, mainly Isan™, Odor-No-More™, and Cupridyne™, into licensing, joint venture and strategic partnerships. We have developed key relationships that we believe are well situated to exploit the commercial opportunities for BioLargo’s technologies.”

BioLargo continues to expand its distributor network for Odor-No-More products and recently announced the signing of the Isan USA license agreements.

“The Leeds Group has invested considerable time and energy in preparation for their work on our behalf," says Dennis Calvert, CEO and President of BioLargo, Inc. "We believe they will continue to deliver results for us and look forward to a long-term relationship with their team."

About The Leeds Group:
The Leeds Group is a strategic marketing and business development firm located in Orange County, CA. The Leeds Group helps develop unique business opportunities, builds lasting corporate ventures and implements strategic marketing solutions, all of which enhance their partner's business with increased visibility and sales. With both domestic and international reach, The Leeds Group has clientele in technology, the building industry, financial sectors, manufacturing, and sports and entertainment. The company’s website is

About BioLargo, Inc.:
BioLargo’s business strategy is to harness and deliver Nature’s Best Solution™ -- free-iodine – in a safe, efficient, environmentally sensitive and cost-effective manner. BioLargo’s proprietary technology works by combining micro-nutrient salts with liquid from any source to deliver free-iodine on demand, in controlled dosages, in order to balance efficacy of performance with concerns about toxicity. BioLargo’s technology has potential commercial applications within global industries, including but not limited to agriculture, animal health, beach and soil environmental uses, consumer products, food processing, medical and water. BioLargo’s strategic licensing partner, Ioteq IP Pty Ltd. was named a “Top 50 Water Company for the 21st Century” by The Artemis Project™. The company’s website is and its products are sold under the brand name Odor-No-More™ by BioLargo’s wholly owned subsidiary, Odor-No-More, Inc. ( BioLargo now archives investor and shareholder communications as